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Looking for work written by Tomson Jane Oliver? Look no further! Current book WIP, using the working title "Moving Target",  is underway as Immersive Stories mod wraps up for publication on Nexus Mods. Meanwhile, enjoy snippets below. As projects complete development, they'll be added to this section of the website.



Holotape Poetry Slam Entry #2

You are Nuka Cola and whiskey

the hand and the glove

You are the rolling fog

blanketing the night

and the tick tick tick

of the Geiger Counter

vault dwellers often wear.

You are the cry of the trader

selling goods

and the ferals stirred into action

by blood in the air --

But you are not

the soothing rain on the crops.

Or fresh water on the lips of parched travelers.

Or the burning rain that pours down

right when we fail to find shelter


And you are definitely not

the bubblegum on the counter

of a long forgotten kitchen

nestled in Sanctuary Hills.


Perhaps you are the ghoul in the metro station.

Or the seagull winging softly over Salem.


However, there's no way you could be a glowing hub-flower

like a beacon at night

bidding lost traders safely

to the next town on the left --

or the right -- 

of that nasty crater haunted by Deathclaws


so pure in their appetite for flesh.

T.J. Oliver, Immersive Stories Mod

*Image from Immersive Stories Mod, Fallout 4. Depicts Gwen Dillinger at the trailer north of Abernathy Farm.

"The Great War's over, the Spanish Flu is too, but Prohibition just kicked off the hardest trial yet for wineries in Diablo Valley, California. It's 1923 and Marion's got a lot of irons in the fire. Keeping the family vineyard alive is just one of them. When she's forced to make a rum run in person instead of through her usual intermediaries, she's annoyed. But these clients aren't the usual sort, they're members of a traveling circus. It won't be long before they pack up and leave. Is the beautiful woman she met from one of the acts just trouble? Or the one thing that will make Marion's life complete?"

"Moving Target"  WIP Blurb

by Tomson Jane Oliver

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