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Starry Sky

You are Nuka Cola and whiskey

the hand and the glove

You are the rolling fog

blanketing the night

and the tick tick tick

of the Geiger Counter

vault dwellers often wear.

You are the cry of the trader

selling goods

and the ferals stirred into action

by blood in the air --

But you are not

the soothing rain on the crops.

T.J. Oliver, Immersive Stories Mod

*Opening lines of a holotape recording voice acted by Caroline Cabal Coniglio. Three holotapes in all. Collectables offered through the Immersive Stories Mod for Fallout 4.

  • Writer's pictureTomson Jane Oliver

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

People have been asking about an update to the Immersive Stories mod project and I'm writing to let you know that development is going great! As of this Autumn, the mod kicks off with a new quest called "Fare Thee Well" which gives the Player an incentive to visit Dillinger Place, a new location we bring to Fallout 4. Dillinger Place itself is composed of three elements:

  • the exterior which is guarded by Tonya and her dog, with two customers loitering nearby.

  • the main room where the Player gets to meet Doc O'Leary, Annie Carter, Maggie Carter, Viola, Donna, Robert, and Branson, as well as a handful of customers circulating the distillery's loft, dining area, medical suite, and workshop. There are a few pets lingering about too.

  • the backroom Speakeasy is guarded by Chuck, maintained by Felix, and used by both Tory and Ernesto, for more mysterious purposes. Elaine is the bartender/vendor and Franny is the cook. If you spot a couple of raiders... best keep it to yourself. Further inside you'll find Gwen's recording /broadcasting room for Dillinger Place Radio, a laundry room, an administrative office, and two guest rooms.

Let's review the Immersive Stories mod from the perspective of a new Play-through.

Once the Player starts a new game, a choice can be made to head over to the trailer just north of Abernathy Farm. There one can find Gwen Dillinger, the mod's main character and fully developed Companion. The Player can choose to chat with Gwen, and there are three options right out of the starting gate:

  • Player can chat and learn a few things about why she's there.

  • Player can swap/trade goods with Gwen

  • Player can ask Gwen to be a companion and share the road together.

Regardless, the Player is given a quest when leaving the area: "Fare Thee Well" which suggests the Player take Gwen to visit Dillinger Place. This location is shown on the Pip-boy Map and Gwen will now sport a "tracker" until the Player takes her there.

Bounty Hunter Quests

As the Player enjoys the Commonwealth's adventures with or without Gwen as an active companion, there are a few quests that will be available once the Player reaches Diamond City. Gwen has unique dialogue, of course, if chosen as an active companion for these quests:

  • Diner to Die For (can be activated by reading a bounty note in the Colonial Taphouse).

  • Polly Wanna Ghoul (can be activated by reading a bounty note at Choice Chops).

Jim's Just Desserts Quest

The Player will be happy to notice a new caravan trader, Old Jim, camped out near the Charles View Amphitheater. This man's tragedy is the Player's opportunity -- help him find justice in an unjust world. If the Player accepts the task, one of the rewards is the ability to barter with Old Jim and there are some choice items available in his custom barter menu that make him quite useful to busy Players.

Minutemen: Rinse & Repeat Quest

As a famous historical quote makes clear, power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. So the questions raised about bad actors among the Minutemen have been pondered deeply by Sister Czerneda in the quiet little church just Southwest of Sunshine Tidings Co-op. Details of her research can be found on a terminal there. But the Player isn't the only one looking into Sister Czerneda's business. Can the player find her before it's too late?

Recruitable Commonwealth NPCs for Settlements

The Commonwealth is big, but vanilla game choices for recruiting unique settlers are incredibly small. This mod offers the following unique NPCs that can be found and recruited, sharing insight into their lives and points of view.

  • Sylvette -- (Atom Cat/Former Pillar of the Community)

  • Suzanne -- (Marowski's former bookkeeper, on the run)

  • Rita -- (Plumber/Maintenance worker, grew up in Diamond City)

  • Carol -- (Freshly minted Doctor/Trader, trained by Professor Scara and Doctor Duff of Diamond City)

  • Street Philosopher -- (Vendor/dog owner/ wisest ghoul in Goodneighbor).

  • Adrienne -- (guest at the Hotel Rexford, lifelong baker)

  • Amy -- (Widow/Chef)

  • Donna -- (World weary traveler, customer at Dillinger Place)

Unique Items

This mod offers several unique items. It includes craftable food, settlement crops, weapons, drinks, and clothing. Keep eyes peeled for Dillinger Rye Whiskey and Maggie's Moonshine. Mmm-mmm good.

Treasure Hunt

There are 3 collectable holotapes sprinkled throughout the Commonwealth. Each one has a unique entry to a poetry night contest. Find and listen to them all!

  • Writer's pictureTomson Jane Oliver

The Commonwealth's getting more families -- adding to Player immersion in a post-WW3 universe. It adds 3 human NPCs and 3 cats to the base game. This mod will work with any version of Fallout 4, including all DLCs.

The entire Marcus family is recruitable by the Player to any settlement's they've owned. Additionally, Avery Marcus is also a trader, welcoming barter sessions with the Player before, and after, recruitment to a settlement. Avery Marcus also states unique idles as a settler.

**BONUS** Guardian Cats. That's right. 3 cats are unique and also act as guard animals to the Marcus family. They're particularly fond of Robert, and follow him around throughout the Commonwealth.

Voice Actors!

** Currently underway = voice acting talent to bring Robert, Avery, and Laura Marcus to life! Changes to be unveiled on NexusMods over the coming weeks.


  • Writer's pictureTomson Jane Oliver

TJOliverBooks new gaming mod is looking for you! This casting call is for voice artists who are hopefully familiar with the game Fallout 4, a post-apocalyptic open world game based on the city of Boston, Massachusetts in the year 2077. There are humans, ghouls, mutants, strange animals, and more sharing, fighting, and just trying to survive after World War 3 ruined everything 200 years prior to the Player waking from cryo-sleep, emerging from an underground shelter, unarmed and friendless.

Our mod has a variety of NPCs, and we are looking at fresh talent to voice them. If you're accepted, you will be contacted by the team leader, asked to join our Discord server, asked to provide your professional name for inclusion in the published mod’s cast list, and required to sign a contracting agreement before work begins. Pay is $20 to $50 per role, via Paypal.

Click HERE to audition for the Casting Call, or copy/paste the following link into your browser:

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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