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Immersive Stories Mod & Extensions

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Pip-Boy Display Screen: "Fare Thee Well" quest is highlighted.
Pip-Boy Display Screen: "Fare Thee Well" quest from the Immersive Stories mod is highlighted.

There are new quest lines added to the Immersive Stories mod to help flesh out Gwen Dillinger, a romanceable companion we bring to the Fallout 4 universe. She is a friend of the Abernathys where you can meet her as she’s hanging out at their trailer (just north of their farm). Upon meeting her you earn the first quest: “Fare Thee Well”. Upon completion of that quest, you learn about her next personal quest: “The World’s Your Oyster”.

These two personal quests are just part of the overall story of Gwen Dillinger and her life in the Commonwealth. Along the way, players get to determine how much they wish to know Gwen. All a player has to do is park Gwen on a settlement (she boosts settlement happiness wherever she’s placed), or travel the Commonwealth with her. As a travel companion, she will fight hard, react to the world around her, and respond to player choices. She’s got specific pet peeves, favorite things to do or see, people she enjoys hanging around, people she tries to avoid, and personal vendettas she’d love to settle.

Unlike many companions in the Fallout 4 universe, including other modded companions, Gwen is not a solitary figure that is friendless and isolated from the community. She’s an important part of Dillinger Place, a distillery and safe-house with a full staff and plenty of customers who think of it as their home away from home. As an example, her long-time friend is Maggie Carter, and Gwen thinks of Maggie’s daughter as her niece.

Adding Immersive Stories mod to a player’s lexicon of mods will help enrich and enliven the Fallout 4 game for any new play through. While Immersive Stories mod revolves around Gwen and her friends, it includes a few additional NPCs which are sprinkled around the Commonwealth, some that are recruitable as settlers, some that are vendors, and some that are both. There’s even a quest to open up a vendor NPC which provides a unique reaction from Gwen if the player brings her along for the ride called “Jim’s Just Desserts”.

Gwen has a backstory that is revealed the more the player travels with her and completes her personal quests. There is even a hidden THIRD personal quest that folds neatly into the quest lines offered by vanilla game NPCs to open up Bunker Hill.

As the player explores the Commonwealth, they will undoubtably visit both Diamond City and Goodneighbor along the way. Gwen loves both towns, and the player will gain more from them with various goodies and opportunities added to each via this mod. For example, unique food items, recruitable NPCs, clothing items, loot, and 2 bounty hunting quests: “Polly Wanna Glowing One” and “Diner to Die For”.

As Gwen travels with the player, she changes too. What she becomes depends on how she feels about her experiences. She’s as likely to go her own way as she is to be romanceable, all dependent on player choices. Much as with vanilla game companions, she provides opportunities to forgive and forget and keep the friendship alive. If the player prefers to keep things friendly but doesn’t wish to romance Gwen, she won’t accidentally speak romantically to players who choose this preference.

If the player makes the choice to gain the “Lover’s Embrace” perk from romancing Gwen, there’s a new series of chats that will pop up, with opportunities to gain special items. There are also special chats opened up during holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

Immersive Stories mod attempts to provide an entertaining layer of game play to Fallout 4. But it is the start of something bigger. I’m considering adding extensions to this mod that will allow Gwen to have a home away from Dillinger Place (closer to Faneuil Hall), after the release of Immersive Stories. In the meantime, I’m scheduling the release of Immersive Stories mod with the release of my new radio station mod, Dillinger Place Radio. Ideally, the player will have both during their next play through of Fallout 4.

In addition, there are extension mods in production such as Settler Hunt, which brings unique quests and recruitable NPCs, and Undercover Claire, which provides needed enrichment to the under-developed Railroad Faction. Last but not least, there is an extension mod in development with an entirely unique and fully voiced follower companion (Kyla, the Atom Cat) who has her own bunker-style workshop just northwest of Lexington.


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