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I write, I listen, and I know stuff.


I also have a day job. For a day job, it is awesome! It's also damned hard. Being a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service means I'm outside all year round, engaging with the public. I swear I've got service in my veins. Both my parents were civil servants when I was little.

Sometimes I blog. Sometimes I work on game mods. Other times I share stories and, hopefully, offer a bit of fun to my readers. So with no further ado, here's a list of current Works in Progress (WIPS):

Story WIPS

"Moving Target"

F/F romantic suspense set in prohibition era Northern California.

"The Oceanarium of Vega Prime"

F/F romantic Science Fiction.

"Mr. Magic Mirror Man"

Truth is provisional. That's just one lesson learned as our protagonist unfolds the mystery of her father, who may not be dead after all.

"Letters to Lydia"

F/F romantic epistolary fiction. Confessions to an estranged lover. Will they meet again or is it already too late? Has the letter writer known this all along?

"Her Cannibal Heart"

F/F romantic horror. How far will a body destroy itself from pressure to hide the true self from family and society? What if someone can only bond with a lover if there is no defined boundary between one's self and the other?

Game Mod WIPS

"Immersive Stories"

DLC sized game mod for Fallout 4 featuring a romanceable follower and companion, several quests, food items, weapons, new locations, and new NPCs. This mod needs more voice actors to complete the project. Casting Call for voice actors coming soon.

"Dillinger Place Radio"

A fun and immersive radio station with unique advertising and commentary. Made for Fallout 4. This mod is almost complete. It requires Immersive Stories to wrap up before publication (in tandem) on Nexus Mods.

"Commonwealth Families"

A downloadable WIP is available now on Nexus Mods, currently adding new NPCs to recruit to settlements. The Marcus family is playable, working on adding the Booth family and Miller family. This mod needs voice actors to complete the next phase of the project. I may do a third phase adding another 3 families to this mod, to give it a full set of 9 families to recruit. Casting Call for voice actors coming soon.

"Settler Hunter"

This Fallout 4 mod features quests to unlock and recruit new settler NPCs. They've unique things to say and will be fully voiced. This is an extension to Immersive Stories, yet will remain playable and independent from any dependencies. Casting Call for voice actors coming soon.

Note about this website:


As it develops, the plan is to add examples of my stories, both written and audio versions. I'll add blog posts about projects as they unfold. I may, from time to time, add things which inspire me to write. 




Most useful questions to ask about any artist, as proposed by Henry James:

1) What was the artist trying to achieve?

2) Did the artist succeed?

3) Was it worth doing?

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What is in a name?

Why I go by Tomson Jane Oliver

One of the beautiful things about being married is that it helps me relate more to my mother, Elizabeth Nichols. You see, she was always a tremendous force in my life, but it wasn't until I finally settled down (age 38) that I could understand why anyone would ever choose to get hitched.


I guess I thought I'd always be a rolling stone.


But sometimes, at just the right time, everything changes. As it happens, I'm married to my best friend too! I guess no one in my family's surprised that I have a wife. I've been mostly dating women since I turned 18.


What I never expected out of life was being a mother. I thought about it, of course, I think some sort of mid-life hormonal thing took over like a body-snatcher for a couple years...


But it hasn't happened.


My mother had the misfortune of being a first-time parent of twins which she was sadly ill-prepared to handle. Over the years she'd confess that if she'd only had one child she would have named her Tomson Jane, to honor the many women on her side of the family that went by that very same moniker, many generations back. When she discovered she was having twin girls, she had to scramble and ended up bestowing my sister and me with something else.


My twin sister has a wonderful little girl named Marlies. But as I never had little ones, and now Mother is no longer with us, I've reflected a lot on that old story about names. So, as a gift to Mom and her legacy, I chose to move that name forward and use it as my professional name in voice over, comics, story-writing, and mod development.


So there you have it, now you know a little something about me. And why I go by Tomson Jane.

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