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Commonwealth Families, a Fallout 4 Nexus Mod for PC gamers.

As of today, this small mod (and work in progress) has had over 2,900 total downloads, where 1,781 are unique.

One of the best things about being part of the modding community is that I've had a chance to work on various sized projects. My first release on is this fun little WIP entitled "Commonwealth Families". This reveals a ravenous gaming community who crave to play Fallout 4 with unique and recruitable NPCs beyond those featured in the base game.

A young woman smiling while sitting at a pc game console
Playing modded Fallout 4 from a woman's perspective.

People ask if I have an audience in mind when designing a game mod.

My answer is definitely "Yes". I think of women, much like myself, who love the Fallout 4 gaming universe but deplore the lack of women's perspectives within it. I created Commonwealth Families for gamers who want different perspectives. I couple this with a realistic alternative experience when recruiting settlers and interacting with them once they reach a settlement. Why should mothers be weak or fathers act insensitive? These are some of the questions I probed while developing the first family unit for Commonwealth Families.

People ask if I will introduce more family units into this mod.

My answer is "Yes" to this question. An introduction to the Miller and Booth families will provide phase 2 of the Commonwealth Families mod. The Millers showcase a father and his fraternal twin children: a boy and a girl. The Booth family features a ghoul grandfather, and his human wife, along with their granddaughter.

People ask where they can download this mod.

I appreciate the question! So far, my mods are all designed using the Creation Kit which Bethesda released to the Fallout 4 modding community. My forte is PC gaming, so for the time being I'm offering my designs for that platform alone. If you happen to be the kind of tech wiz who can help make mods work on consoles, please get in touch and let's make some magic happen. Meanwhile, if you do a quick search for Fallout 4 Nexus Mods, you will find a list of my current releases.

Casting Call: Voice Actors Needed

Dialog writing is nearing completion for both families and each of the 6 new NPCs will need voice overs. I'll put together a casting call when that part of the project is ready. If you are a voice actor and wish to be the first to know when a casting call launches, subscribe to my newsletter!


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