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Immersive Stories Mod (Fallout 4)

This mod features Gwen Dillinger (fully voiced companion), a female descendant of John Dillinger, a known gangster and bank robber from 1930’s America. Like him, her favorite weapon is the Tommy Gun (submachine gun). But this mod has quite a few fun additions: it currently contains 1 companion, 1 quest giving & vendor NPC, and 6 recruitable NPCs that can be sent to any settlement you’ve opened (to work on any workstation, including vendor stations). This mod allows the Player to be any gender they choose, and is compatible with that choice.

Current Version (1.0):

Gwen can be found north of Abernathy farm, in the old trailer. She can be easily recruited via a simple introductory conversation. She has a working affinity system, chats while you travel together, responds to her environment, location, and situation (example, knows when she’s fighting and when she’s relaxing). She has a special perk to offer the Player, given when affinity reaches maximum. Not only that? She can be romanced.


  • Companion Perk

  • Can unlock locks

  • Can unlock terminals

  • Fully voiced (unique voice acting)

  • Affinity system (with conversations)

  • Romance option (available to those who wish it)


Gwen comes from a family of traders based out of a settlement that got wiped out by the time the Player emerges from Vault 111. Her family ethos: “protect your own”. More of her background is discoverable as the Player makes choices in the game.


  • Generosity

  • Protecting settlers

  • Finding pre-war items

  • Speech success for caps

  • Picking locks


  • Addiction

  • Killing non-combatants

  • Cannibalism

Companion Perk:

Quicker Hands

+ 10 % chance to hit targets in VATS

Randomly receiving 3x bonus XP from any action


S: 10

P: 10

E: 7

C: 10

I: 8

A: 10

L: 8

Gwen Dillinger’s Perks:

immune to radiation

immune to poison

doesn't require extra ammo

no fall damage

power armor doesn't break when wearing it

has all sneak perks (1-4)

Known bugs & conflicts

Not compatible with Mary Jane mod, if you want Gwen Dillinger to use her ability to lock pick or hack terminals.


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