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Commonwealth Families Mod

The Commonwealth's getting more families -- adding to Player immersion in a post-WW3 universe. It adds 3 human NPCs and 3 cats to the base game. This mod will work with any version of Fallout 4, including all DLCs.

The entire Marcus family is recruitable by the Player to any settlement's they've owned. Additionally, Avery Marcus is also a trader, welcoming barter sessions with the Player before, and after, recruitment to a settlement. Avery Marcus also states unique idles as a settler.

**BONUS** Guardian Cats. That's right. 3 cats are unique and also act as guard animals to the Marcus family. They're particularly fond of Robert, and follow him around throughout the Commonwealth.

Voice Actors!

** Currently underway = voice acting talent to bring Robert, Avery, and Laura Marcus to life! Changes to be unveiled on NexusMods over the coming weeks.



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